Alcoholism & Smoking Hampers Male Sexuality

Addiction of any nature has a negative impact on our health. A recent study showed that men who smoked one pack of cigarettes a day for five years were 15 percent more likely to develop clogging in the arteries that serve the penis, a situation that can cause impotence. In addition, heavy smoking decreases sexual capability by damaging the tiny blood vessels in the penis. The use of marijuana and Order Cocaine Online also can result in impotence and hamper the male sexual performance.

A recent study found out that impotence was equally common among smokers and non-smokers in general. However, among men with certain health problems, those who smoked were much more likely to have potency problems. For example, 56 percent of smokers with heart disease were completely impotent compared with only 21 percent of non-smokers with the disease.

Alcohol, a very popular form of addiction in men also bears negative impact. Its intake decreases the body’s ability to produce testosterone. Research at Chicago Medical School revealed that drinking alcohol may cause the hormonal equivalent of menopause in men. Alcohol not only affects sexual function, but also increases the risk of heart attack and other dangerous conditions.

Excessive alcohol consumption disrupts hormone levels and can lead to nerve damage. This type of impotence may be reversible or permanent depending on the severity of the nerve damage. Some clinical studies suggest about 25 percent of all alcoholics become impotent at some opint of time even after they stop drinking.

Negative impacts of alcohol:

a). Alcohol affects accuracy and consistency of a task more so than it affects speed.

b). Significant memory loss occurs with high doses of alcohol and may develop into blackouts involving amnesia.

c). Larges doses of alcohol hampers sexual performance.

d). Sex lives become disturbed deficient, and ineffectual.

e). Its consumption can result in Impotency.

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