FS Ashley-Cooper: The Cricket Herodutus

This inaugural limited edition was crafted by Irving Rosenwater as a tribute to an individual whom he evidently held in the highest regard. Ashley-Cooper passed away a few months prior to Rosenwater’s birth; therefore, he never met him; however, he writes with great affection in this essay about him.

Ashley-Cooper, similar to Rosenwater, my11circle devoted nearly his entire existence to cricket, including its history, statistics, and the manner in which they were documented. While neither individual achieved a notable level of proficiency in the sport, they amassed substantial collections of cricketana and contributed numerous items to the field’s annals of literature.

While Rosenwater may not have personally known Ashley-Cooper, he is certain to have encountered numerous individuals who did, and his comprehensive biography of the artist covers aspects of Ashley-Cooper’s persona in addition to documenting his body of work and oeuvre. Undoubtedly, it is a significant chronicle of the life of a man who continues to be relevant in the present day, perhaps even more so than his contemporaries.

Originally slated for publication in Rowland Bowen’s Cricket Quarterly, the monograph underwent revisions at Bowen’s insistence. One notable attribute of Rosenwater’s character was his steadfast refusal to permit any modification rummy circle to his work. Bowen ultimately authored his own article, and the duo ceased all future collaboration.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the disparity between the two was not substantial. Both parties recognized Ashley-Cooper’s preeminence and acknowledged that, albeit infrequently, he was susceptible to error. Bowen, on the other hand, was more intent on emphasizing this point than Rosenwater, who tended to gloss over Ashey-Cooper’s intermittent fallibility instead of regarding it as an endearing attribute.

Rosenwater ultimately self-published his work in a signed and numbered limited edition of 25 copies, which served as a tribute to the individual who had produced numerous limited editions of this nature throughout his lifetime. Those rummy wealth app who prefer to peruse Ashley-Cooper’s narrative without expending a substantial amount of money on a scarce publication may also locate the essay in Journal of the Cricket Society, Volume II, Issue 3.

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